Safari cost in Tanzania

8 Days Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Tanzania is widely recognized as one of the best safari destinations in the world, but it is also known to be quite expensive. While we cannot alter the costs, we can provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the expenses involved in a safari, which will help you gain a better understanding of the overall cost. Discover the safari cost in Tanzania?

Safari cost Tanzania

When planning a Tanzanian safari, it’s important to consider the various factors that contribute to the total cost. These include the cost of renting a safari vehicle and hiring a private guide, as well as the entrance fees for national parks. While the first two factors are generally fixed prices, you may be able to save money on entrance fees by sharing the safari vehicle with other travelers. Keep in mind that these fees can be quite expensive, with Ngorongoro Crater charging $300 per day for a safari jeep, plus an additional $78.50 per person. Accommodation costs can also vary greatly depending on the level of luxury and exclusivity you choose. Overall, while Tanzania is known as one of the world’s best safari countries, it can also be an expensive destination, but careful planning and research can help you budget accordingly.

Safari cost per day

On average, the cost of a Tanzanian safari starts at around $520 per person per day, assuming you choose to stay in Silver Class Hotels. However, if you’re traveling with a group of four people, the cost per person per day can be reduced to around $450.

Why choose premium Class accommodation

Our premium Class accommodation offers the best balance between price and quality. These hotels, lodges, and camps are situated in stunning locations with breathtaking views and excellent service at a reasonable price. While not budget accommodations, they provide great value for money. Opting for budget accommodations can save you $15-30 per day, but you may have to compromise on quality and location. We always recommend our premium Class hotels to ensure you enjoy your accommodation to the fullest.

Safari cost in Tanzania budget accommodation

For travelers who are looking for more budget-friendly options, camping can be a great alternative to expensive lodges and hotels. Tanzania offers numerous camping sites with small dome tents available for overnight stays. While camping may not be as luxurious as staying in a lodge, it can provide a unique and authentic safari experience.

Safari cost Zanzibar

Compared to mainland safari accommodation, Zanzibar offers much more affordable options. You can stay at our premium Class accommodation on this beautiful tropical island for only $60 per person per night. The lodge we have selected is located on the beach in one of Zanzibar’s most picturesque villages.

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