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We are a dedicated tour company that will make sure that your bucket list in Tanzania will be complete before you going back home. 

We are located in Moshi town, just few kilometres from Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

All of our staff, drivers and guides are professional, certified; and rich of many years of experiences taking travellers and the nature lovers to national parks

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We organize comfortable and safe Kilimanjaro climbing and enjoyable wildlife safaris in Tanzania. Our mission is to make sure that your bucket list in Tanzania is made before you get back home.

We guided more than 100 people to the rooftop of Africa and around 250 people having their first safari in Tanzania.

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We are dedicated to help you complete your bucket list in Tanzania. Explore the wildlife and climb Kilimanjaro with us.


POV BOX 96 Marangu, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania