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Mino Abaki deep-rooted love for wildlife has shaped his journey in creating Africa Bucket list. His boundless enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of Africa with adventurers from around the globe is truly infectious.

Mino Abaki understands the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism. He has carefully crafted each itinerary, ensuring that each expeditions not only provide unforgettable encounters with Africa’s wildlife but also contribute positively to the conservation efforts and local communities we encounter along the way.

We Make All The Process Easy

We organize comfortable and safe Kilimanjaro climbing and enjoyable wildlife safaris in Tanzania. Our mission is to make sure that your bucket list in Tanzania is made before you get back home.

We guided more than 100 people to the rooftop of Africa and around 250 people having their first safari in Tanzania.

Our expert Tanzanian safari guide will show you the wonders of Tanzania

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We are dedicated to help you complete your bucket list in Tanzania. Explore the wildlife and climb Kilimanjaro with us.


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