Climbing kilimanjaro on a budget

Join us as we explore the art of climbing Kilimanjaro on a budget. Climbing Kilimanjaro can be a wonderful adventure, but it can also be costly due to high park fees and other transport expenses. However, there’s a smart way to keep the costs down and still enjoy the experience. By forming or joining a group of four or more people, you can share the expenses, making it more affordable for everyone.

One budget-friendly option is to choose the Marangu Route. While it may not offer as much variety in scenery as some other routes such as machame or lemosho route, it provides a comfortable journey with huts to sleep in instead of tents, which saves money on camping gear.

Remember, safety should never be compromised. It’s essential to plan well, have knowledgeable guides, and use proper equipment, regardless of the route you choose or the group size.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro on a budget

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Any tours for Kilimanjaro National Park can be customized to match your budget and your time frame
Routes KilimanjaroPrivate Group 
Marangu route 5 day1550 $ 1250$
Marangu route 6 day1650$1400 $
Machame route 6 day1850 $1600$
Lemosho route 7 day 1910 $1810 $
Lemosho route 8 day2.100 $2000$
Rates in USD $
Excluding additional costs, such as international flights, tips and personal items

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Take a hike and wAnder througKilimanjaro

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